Getting Started

How To Get Started?

To get started you need: "trail name", rubber stamp, pencil or pen, small sketch book, ink pad, compass and clues.

1. Trail Name - it is your letterbox identity. You may use your real name or some special name. For example: The Dome Clan, Team Dragon, Sillent Dog, etc.

2. Rubber Stamp - The image for the rubber stamp that means something personal to you or your family. This is your personal stamp and you put it to log book.

3. Pencil or Pen - Pencil is used to add your trail name and date next to your personal stamp

4. Sketch Book - it is your personal log book where you stamp imprints the stamps in the letterboxes that you find.

5. Ink Pad - you should carry one ink pad that is waterprook so you can put your stamp in letterbox that you find.

6. Compass - Althoug many letterbox clues don't require it, you should have it. You don't need anything fancy.

7. Clues - now when you have all needed equipment you can locate some clues and start looking for letterboxes near you.